Civil servants need to get out to people more

January 8, 2024 4:46 pm

DPM & Minister for Finance, Professor Biman Prasad Speaking at a public consultation at Nadrala in Sigatoka

Civil servants need to actively engage with the public and understand the challenges faced by people on the ground.

This is according to Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad, who emphasizes that civil servants, including Permanent Secretaries, should step out of their offices whenever possible to connect with the communities they serve.

Speaking at a public consultation at Nadrala in Sigatoka, Prasad highlights the crucial role civil servants play in assisting individuals facing the realities of navigating bureaucratic processes, especially those who travel long distances to access government services.

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“So for example, if somebody from Kavaganasau travels to an office in Sigatoka, they are expecting that the officers will be there, that they will get good advice, that they will be helped in terms of the delivery of services. You can’t just say, come tomorrow because that would mean that that particular person will have to travel back to Kavaganasau next day, you know, pay, bus fares or other costs to come back again.”

Prasad urges civil servants to be aware of the struggles faced by individuals, particularly those traveling from remote areas.

He calls for increased ground-level engagement that aligns with a broader effort to enhance public service delivery and responsiveness.

Prasad adds that by encouraging civil servants to actively interact with the community, the government aims to bridge the gap between administrative processes and the realities faced by citizens.