China reaffirms its support for Fiji's rice industry

January 17, 2024 6:23 am

China is collaborating with Fiji to harness the natural advantages the country possesses for rice cultivation and empower local communities to become self-reliant in food production.

Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, Zhou Jian, says they are set to revolutionize the local farming landscape through comprehensive rice-growing cooperation.

Since January 2015, China has helped rejuvenate five local rice varieties in Fiji and introduced 16 Chinese rice varieties.

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Jian says China has dispatched a team of 20 experts to Fiji, marking a significant milestone in bilateral relations.

“And now we have a team of experts of 20 people: ten people at the Vanua level and ten people at the Viti level. They are now helping the Fiji people improve the productivity of rice planting in the fields.”

Fiji Rice Limited Chair Raj Sharma has commended the Chinese government for its support in terms of research and development.

Sharma adds that the rice mill received from the Chinese government is expected to be operational soon.