Children involved in marijuana planting

June 12, 2024 4:47 pm

[File Photo]

Young Fijians are actively involved in the cultivation of marijuana among other forms of child labour, according to the International Labour Organization.

ILO Representative Anna Olsen highlighted this in her address at the commemoration of World Day Against Child Labour in Suva today.

Olsen emphasizes the necessity for consistent inspection in every sector, ensuring that children are not exploited with work that is harmful to their development.

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“We know that when children work, they’re more likely to be found in agriculture and service industries. So for the Ministry of Labour and other stakeholders, that’s where we need to look and that’s where we need to pay attention. That’s where we need to increase labour inspection to make sure that no children are working in those spaces.”

Olsen commends the government’s commitment to develop a National Child Labour Policy and National Action Plan, to help eliminate all forms of child labour.

She says Fiji has made a lot of progress in the fight against child labour, and hopeful that it achieves its goal with the establishment of legislation and policies on child labour.

ILO supports the government’s effort to improve the condition of work for parents which would eventually ensure the safety and security of children.