Cane farmers gear up for harvesting season

May 15, 2024 12:25 pm

Sugar cane farmers outside Labasa are hoping for great weather in this upcoming harvesting season, as it always determines the supply of cane to the mill.

Cane farmer Madhu Lata says farms in low-lying areas are always affected due to drainage problems.

Therefore, she is calling on relevant authorities to look into the concerns of drainage on farms.

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She says that at times when there is heavy rain, the cane is always affected, but this year the weather has been fine throughout, and it’s a blessing to farmers.

“So for us here in the low-lying area, drainage is one of the main problems at times when there is heavy rain. If water does not drain out, it can damage the cane. Even when the truck gets stuck, we have to pay $120 to take it out of the farm, so we are urging the government to help us with proper drainage so we can harvest more cane.”

Lata is also urging other farmers to maintain their cane farms as another season approaches with all the necessary tools and plans in place.

This year’s harvesting season is expected to begin on the 13th of next month.