Cane crushing begins

June 13, 2024 5:49 am

The Labasa Sugar Mill is well prepared for this cane crushing season, with all necessary tests on the vessels, machines, and boilers conducted and all compliance approved from relevant departments.

This has been confirmed to FBC News through a statement by the FSC Chief Executive Bhan Pratap Singh, with a total of 500 employees working during this season.

The Labasa Mill also prepared and outlined plans for both energy supply and mechanical issues when it began operating.

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[Crushing test run yesterday at the Labasa mill]

He says that in the event of an EFL blackout, the mill is equipped with its own diesel generators to maintain continuous operations, whereas for mechanical issues, a maintenance team is prepared to promptly assess and address them, ensuring minimal disruption to the crushing process.

Cane farmers are also advised to refrain from burning cane and that fresh green cane be supplied to the mills.

Singh adds that the rail carriage will be available to the growers where needed.

The Labasa mill is expected to start its crushing season today.