Calls for innovative solutions to strengthen supply chain

January 17, 2024 6:17 am

In response to emerging critical challenges, the Ministry of Trade highlights the need for new solutions to fortify resilient and diversified trade and supply chains.

Permanent Secretary for Trade Shaheen Ali emphasizes the necessity of proactive measures to address the current challenges in global trade, including increased competition, climate change, cyber security, and shortage of skilled workforce.

He made this remarks while speaking at the two-day Advanced Regional Trade workshop in Suva today.

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Ali says there is a need to engage with partners such as Australia, New Zealand, and Asian countries in developing effective arrangements to tackle the multifaceted challenges in trade.

“And Australia and New Zealand is part of this Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, led by US but has all the major economies of Asia in it including Japan and Korea. This experience has taught us that building capacity in trade and program such as this and supported by countries that have considerable experience like Australia is very important.”

Ali says they are committed to making trade adaptable, responsive, and capable of handling present and future challenges.