ANZ Fiji warns customers

March 15, 2024 6:56 am

Australia New Zealand Bank in Fiji is urging customers to be vigilant after uncovering fraud cases involving compromised login credentials.

ANZ Fiji Country Head, Rabih Yazbek, highlighted a concerning trend whereby customers have been found to be sharing their Personal Identification Numbers , internet banking login details, and passwords with individuals they know and trust.

Yazbek says unfortunately, this misplaced trust is being exploited, leading to significant financial losses for customers.

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“On internet banking they will go in and say these ten transactions I didn’t make, I don’t understand what’s happened We will go and have a look and we can see that the user name and the PIN were entered , it was not any kind of hack or anything like that because the security protocols are very high.”

The ANZ Fiji country head emphasizes the importance of safeguarding personal banking information.

“We had a case last year tens of thousands of dollars stolen. We found out that the customer had a driver and for convenience they used to give the driver the card and PIN and once time the driver took advantage of that so we can’t protect against that.”

Yazbek says ANZ Fiji is actively promoting secure banking practices, emphasizing that personal financial information should never be shared with anyone, regardless of the relationship.