Ambassador Yauvoli explains strategic process at COP28

November 30, 2023 12:35 pm

Fiji’s Head Negotiator Ambassador Amena Yauvoli [Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

Fiji’s Head Negotiator Ambassador Amena Yauvoli has stressed the importance of concerted efforts within the corridors of negotiation at COP28 in Dubai.

Yauvoli says this COP presents ten additional items on the agenda, and with Cuba currently holding the presidency, nuances in the process are apparent.

He says it is critical that Fiji, as a united front, champion the cause of Small Island Developing States and prevent further erosion of their special position, especially concerning market access and financing issues.

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[Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

Yauvoli made the comments responding to queries posed by Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka during a delegation briefing.

Ambassador Yauvoli outlined the strategic approach adopted by Fiji’s technical team in organising concerns within the negotiations.

“For us, we are working to ensure that the low temperature goal is well embedded within 1.5 degrees. The other issue we are now facing is in regards to loss and damage. How can we ensure that what we have lost or damaged due to climate change needs to be addressed effectively?”

[Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

He adds the delegation must remain vigilant on various fronts, from addressing gaps in reports on adaptation and mitigation funds to guarding our positions and securing recognition for the pivotal role SIDs play in channeling funds.

Yauvoli stresses that there is an obvious move to weaken the financial standing of SIDs in addressing the scourge of climate change, making it imperative for them to strengthen commitments to financial obligations.