Agriculture officers are not your bosses: Rayalu

November 29, 2023 4:53 pm

[Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

Minister for Agriculture Vatimi Rayalu emphasizes that agriculture officers are not meant to be authoritative figures but rather dedicated public servants there to assist and collaborate with farmers.

Speaking to farmers in Nadi, Rayalu extends an invitation for farmers to communicate any challenges they face with agriculture officers, emphasizing that the Ministry is committed to addressing concerns and improving collaboration.

He told farmers to let them know if any agriculture officer is not providing adequate assistance or viable solutions.

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“They are not here to be your bosses; they are not here to be sitting on good chairs like that and feel important for themselves, no. Every officer that is here is to serve you. You are like kings, the farmers.”

Rayalu states that farmers play a monumental role in fueling Fiji’s economy, and it is the responsibility of the Ministry’s staff as civil servants to ensure they work hand in hand with them.

Acknowledging the vital role of farmers in sustaining the nation, Rayalu expresses gratitude for their relentless efforts in providing food for the country.

He says that without farmers, we would not have three meals a day on our table, and our ability to function effectively in our respective roles would be severely compromised.

The Minister also urges farmers to actively participate in promoting agriculture within their communities.