AG affirms Australia's high regard for Fijian workers

March 2, 2024 12:43 pm

[File Photo]

Australia has reaffirmed its recognition of Fijian workers, extolling their innate skills and strong work ethic despite their initial lack of experience.

This, according to Attorney General Siromi Turaga.

He says he is aware of the value Australia places on Fijian labour, with more than 5000 contributing to overseas employment opportunities.

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Turaga also highlights Australia’s proactive stance in upskilling and training initiatives within Fiji, positioning them as a key avenue for individuals to secure enhanced income sources abroad.

This commitment to training aligns with Australia’s strategy to tap into the untapped potential of the Fijian workforce.

“But some of them are unskilled, but they learn the trade through working and we are good at that! I told them the employers in Australia depend on us.”

Citing the remarkable work ethic displayed by Fijians, Turaga states that positive referrals have become a catalyst for inspiring others to explore and pursue overseas employment opportunities.

He says the ripple effect of these success stories has not only elevated the reputation of Fijian workers but has also amplified Australia’s recognition of their contributions to the labour force.

Turaga adds that Australia’s increasing demand for Fijian workers extending beyond traditional skilled roles underlines a transformative approach.

The willingness to recruit unskilled individuals and invest in their training, the AG says also highlights Australia’s commitment to fostering a diverse and dynamic workforce.

Turaga says as this collaborative endeavour continues, it not only addresses immediate labour needs but also lays the foundation for a resilient and mutually beneficial future.