$8 Million revamp to showcase traditional design

March 24, 2024 7:20 am

The Yatu Lau Arcade will incorporate traditional architectural designs to reflect its rich heritage once it undergoes its eight million-dollar revamp.

Yatu Lau Company’s Deputy Chair, Meli Saubulinayavu, says they are working with architects to ensure their vision for the design and infrastructure is achieved.

The frontage of the newly developed Yatu Lau logo will feature design aspects relating to Laun’s history as well as incorporate a modern twist within the building.

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“The Yatu Lau Arcade has been a beloved fixture in our community for many years. Sitting at the center of Suva City, we are committed to preserving the rich history and also ushering in a new era of modernization.”

Saubulinayavu highlights that Yatu Lau Arcade, the new arcade, will remain a beloved attraction but also attract new visitors.