$25 limit to curb bus fare abuse

January 11, 2024 12:20 pm

In light of instances of Bus Fare Subsidy abuse and the accumulation of funds in recipient’s accounts, the Ministry of Social Protection has implemented a user-based system.

Recipients are now entitled to $25 per month, but if they do not use the full amount, they will only receive a top-up of the amount they’ve utilized to reach the $25 limit.

Minister Lynda Tabuya highlights concerns about cases where recipients accumulated over $100 in their accounts without utilizing the funds.

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She also highlights issues of misuse of these cards by family members.

“Our poverty monitoring unit has monitored and evaluated the bus fare scheme for pensioners and people with disabilities and found that our pensioners and people with disabilities are not the ones using the cards. These cards are being swiped and are being used and bus drivers just take those cards. They don’t question the colour of the card you tap and go in, and they are using those cards. So family members are using it, so this is abuse.”

Tabuya adds this move stresses the Ministry’s commitment to efficient resource allocation and addressing misuse concerns.