Swift's Potential Post-'The Tortured Poets Department

April 18, 2024 1:24 pm

[Source: CNN Entertainment]

There’s sweat on your brow. You start to feel your heart beat a little faster. The acrobatics you feel in your stomach are tumbling just enough to make you mildly queasy. You get a little wobbly in the knees as the anxiety, stress and anticipation shoot through every limb of your body.

No, you’re not getting sick; you’ve got Taylor Swift album release fever. And you’re not alone.

Swifties know the feeling because they’ve lived through the experience before, and are about to do it again with the release of Swift’s 11th studio album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” out Friday. What’s different this time: Swift – the breaker of records, the new face of NFL broadcasts and the touring machine who turned the eyes of the government on Ticketmaster – doesn’t have a lot left to prove. Not that it’s dulling anyone’s excitement.

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It’s hard to imagine how Swift’s achievements can even be measured at this juncture. One major record label executive with nearly two decades of experience, who asked not to be named so he could speak candidly, said for an artist like Swift, achieving “huge commercial milestones” is as important as the conversation with and involvement of fans.