The Ones Who Live’ starring Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira

February 25, 2024 7:20 pm

[Source : AP News]

Danai Gurira remembers a moment filming “ The Walking Dead ” which she now believes contributed to the future pairing of her character Michonne with Andrew Lincoln’s Rick.

It was during season three, Gurira’s first season on the show. The scene featured Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan and Michael Rooker. Gurira recalls Michonne wielding her trademark samurai sword, ready to kill Rooker’s character Merle. Lincoln’s Rick stood in between Michonne and Merle, preventing Michonne from going too far.

“You said to me afterwards, ‘It was like there was only the two of us in the scene,’ Gurira reminded Lincoln in a recent sit-down interview with The Associated Press. ”I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s kind of true… What was that about?’”

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Moments like those added up, leaving an impression on the cast, crew and fans, and inspiring the writers to diverge from the comics and unite the two fan-favourite characters as a couple, known as Richonne.

Gurira and Lincoln return to “The Walking Dead” universe on Sunday in “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live,” debuting on both AMC and AMC+. The actors are executive producers, along with “The Walking Dead” Chief Content Officer Scott M. Gimple and others. The cast also includes Terry O’Quinn (“Lost”), Lesley-Ann Brandt (“Lucifer”), Craig Tate and Matthew August Jeffers.

In this sixth spin-off of the original show, viewers find Rick and Michonne still trying to find their way back to each other after being physically separated for years (or, the show’s nint