Orlando Bloom opens up about his life with Katy Perry

April 20, 2024 12:36 pm

[Source: CNN Entertainment]

Orlando Bloom knows successful partnerships often require personal growth.

The actor was a guest on the “What Now? with Trevor Noah” podcast Thursday, where he discussed his new documentary series “Orlando Bloom: To the Edge.” Noah also asked about his life away from work, commenting that Bloom and his partner Katy Perry seemed to be living “a life of normalcy.”

“I think one of the things that I fell in love with Katy was, she hates when I say this, so I have to word it carefully, but her music was everywhere, right? When I came up it was just on every radio station, but I wasn’t conscious of what I was listening to. But I fell in love with Katheryn, this girl from Santa Barbara,” Bloom replied.

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He continued, saying Perry had parents who were “pastors living on food stamps. We’re not talking glamorous Montecito. It’s the side (of Santa Barbara) that no one knows.”

Bloom said Perry also “demands that I evolve, and I feel I do the same for her.”

“And that makes for fireworks, pardon the pun,” he said. “But it also makes for a lot of fun and a lot of growth.”

The two began dating in 2016. They welcomed a daughter, Daisy Dove, in 2020.

Bloom added that he wouldn’t change the relationship for anything.

“I wouldn’t change it for anything, even when sometimes it feels like, ‘How do we do this?’ Because we’ve got these two giant careers and lives, and hers is like a universe sometimes,” he said. “But I think I just keep coming back to her and trying to hold her hand and walk her back to the sand pit and be like, we’re just going to build a sandcastle.”