John Cena gives out costume design Oscar in his birthday suit

March 11, 2024 1:57 pm

[Source: CNN Entertainment]

Thank goodness that envelope was extra large.

John Cena couldn’t open the winner envelope because he appeared naked on stage, and used it to cover his private parts.

After hiding behind the set design, Kimmel coaxed him out after a conversation about a streaking bit he was originally supposed to do live on stage.

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“The male body is not a joke,” Cena said.

“Mine is,” Kimmel replied.

“Dude I don’t wrestle naked, I wrestle in jorts,” Cena said (that’s jean shorts, for the uninitiated).

“Jorts are worse than naked,” Kimmel said.

Cena then had the crowd in fits as he walked out, covered in nothing but the envelope.

Behind the bit: Cena wasn’t actually naked, a source close to production tells CNN.

“He was covered in the groin and butt crack area — and the envelope was velcroed to him,” this source says.

The reason for the safety measures around Cena’s private parts? The show had to make sure there were no FCC violations, CNN understands.