Night vendors hopeful for better operation

January 2, 2024 6:27 am

Night vendors beside the Suva City Library are hoping for another great year of business this New Year.

Despite some challenges and hiccups throughout last year, vendors still have faith in customers as it has been busy during this festive season.

George Boseyaco, a familiar face at the sub-stall, highlighted that one of the major challenges is their operation hours.

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“We just went one time because the time before was that we always went from 6pm to 6am but right now is 6pm to 1am”

Boseyaco adds that at times they have to return home with left-over buns, but their main aim every night is to make all the sales before 1am.

Another vendor, George Vuetimaiwai, says business has been great since last year.

“There are ups and downs throughout the month, but it depends on how we hustle and how we approach customers. So far, so good. Everything is good here.”

The sub-stalls have always been a hot spot for those who love city nightlife, and good crowds have been received during this festive season.