Fiji launches first electric car

May 6, 2022 12:20 pm

First-ever environmentally friendly electric vehicle.

Fiji today launched its first-ever environmentally friendly electric vehicle imported from China by Palas Group.

Environment Minister Doctor Mahendra Reddy says technological development is key to helping address climate change and this is a major step for Fiji.

Doctor Reddy says the first eco-friendly vehicle will greatly assist Fiji’s mission to reduce carbon emissions.

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First-ever environmentally friendly electric vehicle.

The Minister says the slow transition from fuel to electric vehicles will also help reduce the fuel import bill.

“Today we are gathered here to embrace new technology for Fiji, the introduction of the new friendly vehicles which is a significant step in the direction of carbon neutrality. Fiji is spending 19 percent of its total merchandise bill on fuel alone, close to a billion dollars. The use of electric vehicles could go a long way to bring down this expenditure given the number of vehicles that are being used throughout Fiji.”

First-ever environmentally friendly electric vehicle.

Palas Sales Manager, Vinayak Jogia says the vehicle has a 44kw battery and it takes seven hours to charge and can run over 200km on every full charge.

Jogia adds the car will need servicing every 20,000km or 12 months.

The launch of this new electric vehicle is timely given the recent increase in fuel prices.