Savusavu taxi driver Doki inspires Lomani

February 23, 2024 7:49 am

Many Swire Shipping Fijian Drua players were inspired by their parents, idols or even teachers.

However, Frank Lomani from Nukubalavu village in Savusavu, drew inspiration from a taxi driver named Doki while growing up.

According to Lomani, Doki is a famous taxi driver in Savusavu Town.

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Lomani says Doki is known in Savusavu for playing loud music and his taxi had tinted glass many years ago.

The Drua halfback says he always wanted to be a taxi driver while growing up.

“I wanted to be a taxi driver. Back in Savusavu when I always came back from school, there was one taxi driver named Doki. He had a taxi which was trending at that time with loud music on. So I always tell myself that I want to be like Doki….and I want to have a taxi like him with music…loud music”

However, his dream of becoming a famous taxi driver in Savusavu was short-lived after he found an interest in rugby.

Despite not living up to this dream, Lomani is working hard to own a transport company and offer the same services that Doki does to the people of Savusavu.

The father of one is also determined to inspire many young people like how Doki inspired him.

According to the 27-year-old, Doki now has a really big house in Savusavu and is successful.

Lomani who was excited and thrilled while sharing this story is hoping to also have a big house and be successful one day like that Savusavu taxi driver.

Frank Lomani and the Drua take on Blues in their season opener of the Shop N Save Super Rugby Pacific tomorrow at 3.35pm.

You can watch the match live on FBC Sports HD Channel.