Koya wants someone held accountable for Fijiana 7s treatment

May 20, 2024 4:41 pm

Sports Minister Jese Saukuru and Opposition Member, Faiyaz Koya

Sports Minister Jese Saukuru assured Parliament, fans, players and relevant stakeholders today that they’re implementing immediate measures to avoid incidents like the Fijiana 7s faced while transiting through Sydney for Dubai last year where images surfaced of players sleeping on benches at the airport.

Saukuru was responding to an oral question from Opposition Member, Faiyaz Koya.

The Minister informed Parliament it was not the first time that our players have slept at airports.

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Koya says there needs to be a thorough investigation and whoever responsible needs to go home is.

Saukuru says it was a misunderstanding between Fiji Rugby Union and World Rugby as Sydney Airport closes at 11pm.

Minister Saukuru adds a new manager was appointed in January and the incident will not happen again.

FRU apologized last month to the Fiji Airways Fijiana 7s side for what they went through.

The FRU’s Trustees Chair Peter Mazey said during a press conference the men’s team had pre-booked their accommodation at a nearby hotel in Sydney but when Fijiana coach Saiasi Fuli tried to get rooms upon arrival, none were available.

He said as it was usual practice, all the travel and layover accommodation are organized by World Rugby, and they were not aware that Sydney Airport closes at 11 each night.