Fijiana in good shape for Japan Test

June 14, 2024 6:56 am

Fijiana 15’s coach Moses Rauluni says it was a rusty start to the week, with players not putting in their maximum effort as they prepare for their first Test against Japan.

However, things took a positive turn during yesterday’s captain’s run ahead of their Test against Japan.

The former national skipper says that the players seemed to lack undivided attention in the first two days but came out firing yesterday, requiring minimal assistance from the coaches.

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“We did walk through on Monday there was a lot of drop-ball and I don’t know if the mind-set was right but they have fixed it within the group and it did not really take us to do it which I’m really happy about and that’s what happens on the field you know they are the ones that have to fix mistakes and hopefully they can rectify things on Friday night and I’ve got all faith in this group and the new group coming in next week.”

Rauluni adds they relied on the players to improve on what lacked on the field and they did not disappoint.

The last time Fijiana hosted a Test was in 2022 against Canada and the team look forward to putting on a show in front of their home fans.

Vodafone Fijiana and Japan will clash at 6pm today at the HFC Bank Stadium in Suva.

You can watch the game LIVE on FBC Sports.