Pacific Games

Enhanced model for 2023 Pacific Games

November 19, 2023 6:08 am

Paul Vunituraga [Source: Facebook]

The Pacific Games Broadcast Manager expressed that they had to take a different approach to broadcasting at this year’s Pacific Games.

Paul Vunituraga explained that the broadcasting team opted to enhance the 2017 model by incorporating innovative technologies to meet the demands of the current broadcasting landscape.

He added that the approach taken for the 2023 Pacific Games builds upon the foundation established in 2017, with a focus on leveraging new technologies to enrich the viewing experience.

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Vunituraga clarified that the 2017 model involved collaboration with larger broadcasters, who contributed to the event in exchange for a return on their investment.

However, recognizing the importance of inclusivity, smaller broadcasters were granted broadcasting rights as a gesture of support and to foster diversity in coverage.

“So what we did was for broadcasters who could contribute, they could get more, but for smaller broadcasters, they’ll get the base package, the free base package. So that’s the model that we’re working on now”

Meanwhile, Vunituraga is confident that this year’s Pacific Games will be the most watched compared to previous years.

“And I say that confidently because I’ve compared the number of rights holders in these Pacific P games and the last Pacific Games and even the one before that, and there’s definitely more eyeballs watching these Pacific Games because the model that we’ve developed, that we’ve sort of done as a hybrid.

He says that with this model, no one gets left behind.

Vunituraga further says that they want every Pacific Islander to be following the games through television.