Online chess players try to adapt to new formats

June 12, 2021 4:09 pm

[Source: Fiji Chess Federation]

Local chess players are trying to adapt to new formats of online competitions.

Fiji Chess Federation President, Hilda Kunau, says the beauty of online chess is that they can add any capable player into the national team without worrying about travel and accommodation cost.

Kunau says this year they’re seeing players from all parts of Fiji interested in online events and this is only the beginning.

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One of the competition Fiji is taking part in at the moment is the 2021 Global Chess League and the national team has registered respectful performances.

The national side has recorded four wins after eight rounds which leaves them in 55th position out of 127 international teams.

Fiji’s Online Team is scheduled to play against a strong team from York University from Canada tomorrow at 9:00pm.

All chess players are avoiding face-to-face games to comply with COVID-19 restrictions across Fiji.