Finals of Sangam tournament to be delayed

April 1, 2024 12:22 pm

[Source: Supplied]

The finals of the 2024 National Sangam Convention Football will be delayed.

This has been confirmed by Sports Chair Deepesh Goundar as the tournament is into its final day.

Goundar says due to the heavy rain in the past few days, grounds around Nadi were unplayable which affected their fixtures.

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[Source: Supplied]

However he says they cannot control the weather, but they’ve managed to work around this issue to ensure the games continue.

“Yes, there will be some delays the reason being we are in the qualifying rounds, what we have done is we are not playing any extra time games. If there is any draws in the matches, then the matches will go into penalty shootout and then the results will be decided.”

Goundar says they expect all finals to be played around 9pm-12am.

He adds they apologize for this inconvenience but are also thankful for the support and unity shown by those who are present.