Ba sends IDC warning

October 5, 2022 7:10 pm

The Ba football team sent a stern warning to all the teams after their classic three-nil win against Lautoka in the third Super Premier match of the Courts IDC at HFC Bank Stadium.

The Men in Black outclassed the Blues in all aspects of the match, not allowing them to settle down.

Faazil Faizul Ali took full advantage of the rebound from the bar, beating Lautoka team goalkeeper, Joela Biuvanua and the Blues defenders, and tapped the ball into an empty goalmouth in the 33rd minute to give the Men in Black a 1-nil lead.

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Ba maintained the momentum and the Junior Bula Boys Hero, Nabil Begg broke through from inside the penalty box beating two defenders to give a clean cross to Luke Savu who did not make any mistake to slot in their second goal in the 37th minute.

Ba led 2-nil at the breather.

Coach Imdad Ali says they got the result they wanted due to the determination of his players.

“The boys played really well, it was their hard-work, I’m just there to guide them and everything was done by the boys. We played according to the plan, I knew how Lautoka plays because I coached them before. This is a very young squad as you can see and in time to come they will be a team to reckon with.”

Substitute player Malakai Rere made his presence felt when he scored in the 90th minute to seal the deal, not giving Lautoka any chance at all to come back into the match.

Lautoka coach Kamal Swamy says they have to go back to the drawing board.

“They are a very good and fit side. I think our players need to pull up their socks so that they can play better football, we are not playing the football we are supposed to be playing.”

Lautoka settled slowly after the breather but could not break the deadlock as the Men in Black held on until the final whistle.

Ba will play Rewa tomorrow at 5pm while Lautoka will face Labasa in the last game of day two at 7pm.


Day 1 - Wednesday5th October, 2022
11:00AMT/Naitasiri0 - 0TavuaGA [Premier Division]HFC Bank Stadium
11:00AMBua1 - 0LamiGA [Senior Division]Bidesi Park
1:00PMNadroga1 - 1NadiGA [Super Premier]HFC Bank Stadium
1:00PMNasinu5 - 0RakirakiGA [Premier Division]Bidesi Park
3:00PMSuva0 - 0NavuaGA [Super Premier]HFC Bank Stadium
3:00PMDreketi2 - 0Northland TailevuGA [Senior Division]Bidesi Park
5:00PMLautoka0 - 3BaGB [Super Premier]HFC Bank Stadium
7:00PMOfficial OpeningHFC Bank Stadium
7:30PMLabasa0 - 0RewaGB [Super Premier]HFC Bank Stadium
DAY 2 - Thursday6th October, 2022
11:00AMNasinu-SeaqaqaGB [Premier Division]HFC Bank Stadium
11:00AMBua-SavusavuGA [Senior Division]Bidesi Park
1:00PMT/Naitasiri-NadogoGA [Premier Division]Bidesi Park
1:00PMNavua-NadiGA [Super Premier]HFC Bank Stadium
3:00PMDreketi-TaveuniGA [Senior Division]Bidesi Park
3:00PMSuva-NadrogaGA [Super Premier]HFC Bank Stadium
5:00PMRewa-BaGB [Super Premier]HFC Bank Stadium
7:00AMLabasa-LautokaGB [Super Premier]HFC Bank Stadium
DAY 3 - Friday7th October, 2022
10:00AMTavua-NadogoGA [Premier Division]HFC Bank Stadium
10:00AMSavusavu-LamiGA [Senior Division]Bidesi Park
12:00PMRakiraki-SeaqaqaGB [Premier Division]Bidesi Park
12:00PMNavua-NadrogaGA [Super Premier]HFC Bank Stadium
02:00PMTaveuni-Northland TailevuGA [Senior Division]Bidesi Park
02:00PMRewa-LautokaGB [Super Premier]HFC Bank Stadium
05:00PMSuva-NadiGA [Super Premier]HFC Bank Stadium
07:00PMLabasa-BaGB [Super Premier]HFC Bank Stadium
09 October - Sunday SEMI-FINALS
10:00AMWinner GA-Runner-Up GBPremier SF1HFC Bank Stadium
12:00AMWinner GB-Runner-Up GAPremier SF2HFC Bank Stadium
12:00PMWinner GA-Runner-Up GBSenior SF1Bidesi Park
2:30PMWinner GB-Runner-Up GASenior SF2Bidesi Park
2:30PMWinner GA-Runner-Up GASuper Premier SF1HFC Bank Stadium
5:00PMWinner GB-Runner-Up GBSuper Premier SF2HFC Bank Stadium
10 October - MondayFINALS
10AMWinner SF1-Winner SF2Senior DivisionHFC Bank Stadium
12:30PMWinner SF1-Winner SF2Premier DivisionHFC Bank Stadium
3pmWinner SF1-Winner SF2Super PremierHFC Bank Stadium