Working Group explores open list system

November 16, 2023 12:44 pm

Fijian Elections Office Manager Legal, Mesake Dawai

The Working Group that is tasked with reviewing the Municipal Council Election is also considering the open list electoral system to avoid by-election and the cost incurred.

Fijian Elections Office Manager Legal, Mesake Dawai, highlighted this issue, looking back at how the old system allowed for by-election, which is too costly for the councils.

Dawai says the open list system does not require a by-election, as the next person who is available on the list moves up automatically.

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“That’s the consideration that needs to be looked at for finalizing the electoral system design because, especially with the EMB, if there’s a vacancy that’s going to arise in the election, then we will be forced to conduct it. That’s another consideration that needs to be explored in terms of when vacancies arise.”

The working group is still conducting consultation and roundtable discussions before finalizing an electoral system that best suits our diverse municipalities before submitting it to the cabinet for endorsement.