Women urged to explore construction entrepreneurship

March 8, 2024 12:45 pm

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The idea of women in construction involves not only upskilling for success but also leveraging their expertise to become entrepreneurs in the field.

This is according to LOMARA Associates Director Louzanne Sahib.

Speaking during the Women in Construction and Trade, she outlined a transformative pathway for experienced professionals to transition into entrepreneurship.

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Sahib highlights that gaining experience not only helps women progress in their careers but also opens doors to starting their own businesses.

“Whether you’re a surveyor, you’re an engineer, you know, at the moment you may be, most of you are attending a college. It’s great to be in that space, but I tell you, it’s much greater if you become an employer too.”

Sahib also stresses the importance of fostering a supportive network and seeking mentorship from established entrepreneurs.

She is urging women in construction to embrace their potential as entrepreneurs to drive innovation in the industry.