WAF CEO visits Tabia residents

January 18, 2024 3:08 pm

[Source: Supplied]

The Water Authority of Fiji Chief Executive Amit Chanan has encouraged residents of Tabia in Labasa to put in their rural water carting order at least a week before their stored water runs out.

Chanan says this will give WAF time to provide water tankers to attend to requests.

The Chief Executive visited the residents today to discuss the Rural Water Carting service provided by WAF.

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He adds that requesting in advance is vital because most of the rural customers also harvest rainwater, and therefore the demand for water carting could drop if there are a few days of wet weather just before the scheduled carting day.

WAF CEO Amit Chanan [Source: Supplied]

Chanan sought resident feedback on opportunities for improvement.

WAF provides fortnightly rural water carting to customers living in peri-urban and rural areas outside WAF’s water supply network.

The fortnightly service requires customers to submit their requests in advance to ensure sufficient water carts are deployed to meet their needs.

Meanwhile, a pipeline main extension project is currently being developed for Tabia, which will see the installation of a pipeline, a new pump station, and a reservoir to service customers in this area.

The project implementation timelines will be finalized following the 2024–25 budgetary allocations for WAF.