Verebalavu challenge women officers

March 9, 2023 6:29 am

Merewalesi Verebalavu (middle).

Women officers in the Fiji Police Force are privileged to get married while still serving the force.

This was a testimony shared by one of Fiji’s pioneer woman police recruits who also became Fiji’s first woman Police superintendent Merewalesi Verebalavu.

Getting married while being an officer in the late 70s was impossible due to certain police policies then, which required women to leave the force when they get married.

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She said it was an issue that affects women officers back then and they fought hard for it to be removed as it was discriminatory.

“An issue that we fought hard for before it was finally agreed, the current officers now, are now enjoying the privilege of getting married have a family and also enjoy the responsibility that comes with it, rearing your children”

Verebalavu is challenging other women officer’s especially young recruits to work hard, be honest, accept criticism, learn from mistakes and take challenges thrown at them while serving the people.

She looks forward to seeing more women taking up more leadership roles in the male dominated profession.