Trust and confidence needed to embrace online trading

October 30, 2021 2:30 pm

The Fiji Retailers Association has recommended that all e-commerce providers be registered under one umbrella and governed by regulated guidelines.

E-Commerce is slowly transforming the way businesses operate, and the Association believes there is a lack of trust and confidence in moving to the new way of doing business.

Board Member, Vinod Kumar says building consumer confidence in e-commerce is the key to embracing online trading.

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“We strongly feel that if this E-commerce digital platform is structured correctly now with a strong foundation to gain both vendors’ and consumers’ confidence then it will be the new business platform in time to come and a good revenue stream for the government& businesses.”

Kumar adds a lot of work needs to be done to enhance confidence in this digital marke

“In order for the e-commerce business in Fiji to be successful, confidence and trust need to be developed first between the vendors and consumers to elevate this business to the next level.”

Kumar says businesses need to fulfill the promises as advertised on their sites, respect the time and money spent on the products, and care for queries before and after-sales.