Tourism sector prepares for sustainable growth

March 11, 2024 3:16 pm

[File Photo]

The Ministry of Tourism is set to launch a National Sustainable Framework this year.

Assistant Minister Alitia Bainivalu says that the framework advocates for sustainable, resilient, and inclusive tourism.

Speaking in Parliament, Bainivalu highlighted that the framework aims to guide the sector towards a prosperous visitor economy while ensuring the protection of Fiji’s diverse environment and cultures.

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“The ministry will launch the National Sustainable Framework this year, emphasizing tourism that is sustainable, resilient, and inclusive. It will accelerate a prosperous visitor economy while empowering communities to partake in that prosperity.”

Bainivalu added that the framework’s introduction is timely as Fiji anticipates reaching one million tourist arrivals.

She noted a 104 percent increase in tourism from the previous year, highlighting the sector’s potential for job creation and economic growth.

With the framework in place, Bainivalu stated that Fiji is poised to become a premier destination for travellers seeking authentic experiences and sustainable tourism practices.