Taskforce to work on establishing ARDIF

February 17, 2024 12:10 pm

The Ministry of Agriculture will conduct a feasibility study for the establishment of the Agricultural Research and Development Institute of Fiji.

This has been approved by cabinet.

The cabinet says the development of a productive agricultural sector in any country is based on an efficient and vibrant Research and Development programme that ensures food and nutrition security for its population.

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Historically, agricultural crop and animal research were initiated by the Ministry to develop technologies to assist farmers who lack resources to conduct this exercise to improve productivity.

With Fiji’s agriculture sector still developing, it is economically and technically beneficial to merge research efforts for both crops and livestock and administer these under ARDIF.

A task force will be formed within the Ministry to undertake the feasibility study.

The taskforce will consult appropriate agencies on the way forward.

The outcome of the feasibility study will be tabled in Cabinet once completed.