Quality of water monitored

March 23, 2023 6:38 am

The Ministry of Health inspectors carry out a routine sampling every month to determine the quality of water.

This is in light of the increasing number of leptospirosis, dengue fever and typhoid cases.

Health Inspector Savaira Koisi highlighted this during a panel discussion held in Suva yesterday to mark World Water Day celebration themed Accelerating Change.

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She says they monitor treated and rural water supply to reduce the incidence of communicable disease.
Koisi says they monitor, test disturbance of water quality, temperatures, acidity and turbidity.

” Most of the cases that we have reported in the health facility in terms of leptospirosis, dengue fever and typhoid cases, we do our community assessment, investigation and we identify our hotspot area and high risk area so within that we identify the setting and then we work on that setting.” 

Koisi adds they also meet with the Water Safety Committee in the rural areas and assist them in action plan

She adds that the action plan is reviewed after certain years.