Two-time fugitive on the run

September 26, 2022 5:32 am

[Photo: Supplied]

Authorities are looking for convicted escapee Lemeki Tupali.

Tupali escaped from the Colonial War Memorial Hospital yesterday while being held by Fiji Corrections Officers.

It says the escapee is considered to be a high risk, and members of the public are urged to call their nearest police station or Crime Stoppers Fiji on 919 if they have information regarding his whereabouts.

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Police are also reminding members of the public that harboring a prisoner is an offense.

This morning there were police checkpoints around the Central Division as police continue looking for the escapee.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Tupali has escaped as he also did it in 2014.

At the time, he was serving a sentence of four years and six months for aggravated robbery.