PRB hosts financial training for tenants

May 17, 2024 4:45 pm

[File Photo]

Public Rental Board tenants have been encouraged to move towards home ownership and financial stability.

This initiative has been supported by financial training organized by the PRB and the Trade Ministry.

The third round of financial literacy training saw 33 tenants from PRB McFarlane in Raiwai complete the course yesterday.

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Earlier this year, PRB General Manager Timoci Naleba emphasized the need for such initiatives to encourage smart savings and facilitate tenants’ transition towards home ownership.

Minister for Housing Maciu Nalumisa states that these trainings not only equip tenants with knowledge on savings but also provide them with opportunities to build on what they already know.

“Education is crucial for both children and parents, and workshops like these provide valuable learning opportunities we should actively participate in. I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of such initiatives as they expand our knowledge and understanding. Let us continue to prioritize lifelong learning.”

According to Nalumisa, the skills learned can be transformed into setting up businesses.

He adds that PRB was intended for temporary tenancy, but many have made it their permanent home.

To address this, the Housing and Local Government Ministries hope the initiative will help tenants save and allow new occupants to move in.