Police stresses importance of stakeholder cooperation

June 10, 2024 4:07 pm

Police Officers on patrol at the Suva bus stand [File Photo]

Acting Police Commissioner Juki Fong Chew has emphasized the necessity of collaboration between various stakeholders in order to combat drug trafficking effectively.

Chew highlighted the crucial role of customs, border security, and immigration in working alongside the police to minimize the influx of illegal substances into Fiji.

“Over the years, the police have been diligent in addressing both green and white drugs. However, success in this fight hinges on the togetherness and partnership with all relevant stakeholders. If any stakeholder fails to cooperate, our efforts will be compromised, allowing illegal substances to penetrate our borders.”

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Chew acknowledged the challenges within the Police force itself, noting instances where officers were implicated in illegal activities.

Addressing the recent restructuring within the police force, Chew explained that despite facing resource constraints, the force continues to prioritize frontline efforts in the fight against drugs.