Open contract policy for TLTB workers

April 1, 2024 4:25 pm

The iTaukei Land Trust Board office

The iTaukei Land Trust Board has implemented an open contract policy for its workers, a withdrawal from the previous three-year contract system.

Interim Chief Executive Solomoni Nata explains that this decision was made to address the challenges faced by workers who were unable to purchase properties due to the short duration of their contracts.

Nata says under the open contract policy, TLTB workers are granted employment until they reach the age of 60 or retire.

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“Despite the open-ended nature of the contracts, employees are still subject to performance monitoring and adherence to the organization’s code of conduct. Non-performance can still lead to termination, similar to the previous three-year contract system.”

TLTB Interim Chief Executive Solomoni Nata

Nata emphasizes the primary aim of implementing the open contract policy is to provide job security for workers, enabling them to confidently pursue property ownership and obtain loans using their employment as security.

TLTB remains committed to monitoring employee performance and ensuring the effectiveness of the new policy in meeting both organizational and employee needs.