NGO brings rays of hope to orphaned siblings

January 7, 2024 4:01 pm

A Non-Government Organization New Vision of Fiji has stepped in to support three orphaned siblings who have been shouldering the burden of their education by working on sugar cane farms to make ends meet.

18-year-old Beselio Belo who dropped out of school, 12-year-old Neomai Duvuinadi and six-year-old Filomena Diasau have been residing with their aunt for the past seven years who is also looking after her 14-year-old disabled daughter.

Paulini Roqolutu who has been looking after the children since 2017 says it has not been easy journey.

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The Social Welfare allocates $170, it is not enough looking at what these children needs. That is why I always advise them to study hard looking at the hardship that we are going through so that they can excel academically and have a good job so that they can look after themselves because I will not be with them for ever.

Paulini Roqolutu [right] Rajnel Prasad

New Vision of Fiji Chief Executive Rajnel Prasad says there is an urgent need for intervention to improve their living conditions.

“The challenges that they have been facing here is with their education. What they have been doing is they are going to school and at the end of the day they cannot do their further studies because they have to work in the farm to earn some money to support their family.”

New Vision of Fiji Chief Executive Rajnel Prasad

Prasad says the family is in desperate need of food and clothing as they have been waiting for support for few years now.

He also highlights that they are also trying to get the children into an orphanage so that they are able to pursue their education.

Prasad adds they want Belo to pursue her studies and fulfil her dream of becoming a police officer.