New claims surface at USP

May 31, 2023 12:23 pm

The University of the South Pacific is once again under the spotlight as claims have been made of nepotism and a lack of transparency and accountability.

The leaked documents cited by FBC News were authored by the deputy vice chancellor and vice president, Professor Janusz Jankowski.

It is understood that Professor Jankowski exercised the whistleblower USP policy and prepared a report.

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The report highlights several issues and alleged breaches under Ahluwalia’s leadership.

The report is addressed to the USP Council chair and pro-chancellor, Dr. Hilda Heine, and Deputy Chair and Deputy Pro-Chancellor, Professor Pat Walsh.

USP Council chair and pro-chancellor, Dr. Hilda Heine has told FBC News that she has received a document and is dealing with it in accordance with the relevant University Ordinance.

She says as strict confidentiality is mandated by the processes and procedures she will not be commenting any further on this matter until they have concluded all the necessary steps.

Professor Jankowski was appointed deputy vice chancellor and vice president by the USP Council at its meeting in Apia, Samoa, last year, and he has been working remotely since.

It is understood that Professor Jankowski’s contract was terminated a few days ago.

FBC News has sent questions to Professor Jankowski, and the USP Staff Union who are yet to respond.

FBC News also contacted Professor Ahluwalia this morning, who stated that he is on his way to Brisbane, Australia, and is not in a position to talk to us.