More young people showing interest in economic activities

June 18, 2024 6:00 am

There has been a rise in young people in the past few years who have showed interest in economic activities, and this trend is gradually growing.

This was highlighted by the chair of the South Pacific Stock Exchange, Nitin Ghandi, when asked about the interest from younger investors in the country.

He says that young investors are showing greater interest in financial activities, whether they be investments or stock exchanges.

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“Yes, and I think younger people are the backbone of any economy. Sometimes we look at larger economies where the young people are driving the economy in terms of consumer spending, economies of scale, and value-adding.”

Ghandi says that young individuals are the driving force of many economies, including that of Fiji.

The Chair of SPX adds that currently there is not a very high level of traction among younger investors, but there is increasing interest from many.