Kilikali assisted through Live & Learn project

September 22, 2022 10:00 am

The Agriculture Ministry together with Australia Aid’s Live and Learn project has helped people in Kilikali Settlement in Nasinu to have proper and nutritious food daily.

Live and Learn Food Security and Livelihood Coordinator, Ponijese Korovulavula says this as there is lack of land in Kilikali to plant in terms of food security.

Korovulavula says they have based their support from the analysis they undertake in communities.

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[Ponijese Korovulavula]

“We will visit their community once every month to come and check what the progress is and what’s the need based assessment, what they need on the ground. The last time we came here, their request was for them to get trained on the content of our training to day, so after this we will be coming back with the Ministry of Agriculture to monitor.”

Korovulavula says through the project, people of Kilikali will be able to provide nutritious food for their families at the same time learn to plant sustainably.

There are 55 houses in Kilikali settlement.