iTaukei Development Fund starts receiving applications

March 12, 2024 6:18 am

TLTB Acting Chief Executive, Solomoni Nata [File Photo]

The iTaukei Land Trust Board has established the iTaukei Development Fund, which has begun receiving applications from clan trustees.

Itaukei Land Trust Board Chief Executive Solomoni Nata highlighted this initiative as another effort presented to the Great Council of Chiefs, aimed at supporting Itaukei landowners in pursuing various development projects for economic sustenance.

TLTB has allocated $4 million for the iTaukei Development Fund, which is intended to assist in funding development projects in traditional I-Taukei villages and communities.

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“This is another initiative we present to the Great Council of Chiefs, This is to help the iTaukei people, the landowners to pursue with the various developments they have in mind for economic sustenance.”

Nata expressed the TLTB’s commitment to supporting landowners as they work to develop resources for economic sustainability.

He says this is a step forward in terms of development for income-generating activities to also help reduce poverty.