Innovation key to growth: Saunitoga

May 28, 2024 6:14 am

[Source: Heritage Kava/ Facebook]

Heritage Kava, led by a fourth-generation kava farmer and his wife, has positioned itself as a distinguished competitor through a combination of strong heritage branding, innovative packaging, and rigorous quality assurance processes.

Co-Founder of Heritage Kava Hannah Saunitoga reiterates that they are thinking of diversifying into other businesses when the time is right.

Hannah Saunitoga claims that Heritage Kava’s packing strategy has been one of its main distinctive features.

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“The Heritage Kava brand is based in Lovoni, so we used on our packaging the Lovoni Warriors, the volcano, and the and the iconic landscape that is close to us here. For the heritage side of things, we took inspiration from Levuka, from the clock tower, and from a number of other elements that are Levuka-based.”

She believes that the company has really made strides in the Kava business despite being new to the market.

“We’ve gained a really good customer base, and you can really taste the difference of our kava against some of those competitors. So I think that really puts us in good stride for the future, that we continue with our quality and at a competitive price.”

Co-Founder Sowane Saunitoga says that Heritage Kava’s market reach has expanded significantly through the Amazon platform reaching the eighteen countries that are buying from Amazon.

The growth of Heritage Kava from a modest Levuka farm to a prominent player in the international market is proof of the value of creativity and dedication to excellence.