Coke Games 2022

Heavy police presence to be seen

August 18, 2022 6:20 am

With the Fiji Finals to get underway later this morning, police are sounding a warning that they will not tolerate any unruly behaviour.

The warning comes after 10 students were arrested during several zone meets last month for various offenses such as climbing over the stadium fence and damaging property.

Director Operations of Police, SSP Kasiano Vusonilawe says police will not be lenient on offenders.

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“Enjoy yourself for the three days, support your schools but refrain from committing any criminal element or activities within the premises of the HFC Bank Stadium or anywhere around the places where you will be visiting during these three days.”

Vusonilawe says as such, spectators can expect to see a heavy police presence.

More than 150 officers will be deployed to provide security including officers from the K9 Unit, who are tasked with preventing spectators from entering the arena with banned and illegal items such as drugs and weapons.

“We have to account what the students will bring to the ground that can be used as weapons such as flagpoles and umbrellas and what not”.

Vusonilawe says police will also beef up security around the Capital City as well to monitor movements of people throughout the Games.

He says officers will also be directing traffic ensuring the safety of passengers in public transport to prevent overloading of vehicles.

Vusonilawe has called on members of the public, and students in particular, to behave themselves on buses and bus operators have been advised on their roles to play, in case students misbehave.