Collective approach to tackle HIV cases

September 15, 2023 6:17 am

The Ministry of Health will be working with other government ministries to address the increasing HIV cases in the country.

Permanent Secretary Dr. James Fong states they are developing a policy paper for cabinet approval.

Recent reports indicate 245 new HIV cases last year, with Dr. Fong attributing the rise to factors such as having multiple partners and not practising safe sex.

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Permanent Secretary Dr. James Fong.

He adds that they are facing challenges in promoting safe sex practices.

“We know that will give us leverage in trying to promote condom use among those who have many partners who also come and screen.”

Dr. Fong says more awareness is also needed in terms of treatments for HIV.

The Health Ministry is boosting its presence in schools and communities to improve sex education.

They are also working on service delivery models in this regard.