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Grace Road Founder Shin Ok-ju to front court today

August 3, 2018 12:46 am

Grace Road Founder – Shin Ok-ju is expected to front a South Korean court today to answer to allegations of assault and confinement of 400 of the churches followers who came to Fiji in 2014.

The pastor is also charged with the exploitation of foreign currency.

Ok-ju was arrested last week on arrival at Incheon Airport along with three other leaders from the religious group.

Police Commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho has confirmed to FBC News that they’ve begun preliminary investigation into the allegations against Ok-ju after being contacted by the South Korean Authorities.

The Commissioner says while they await formal notification from their Korean counterparts, they’ve started the ground work on this end.

Korean media have made further revelations about the accusations against the Grace Road Founder which allege that the church and its senior members incarcerated 400 of their followers here in Fiji, confiscating their passports and forcing them to take part in violent and bloody rituals.

Meanwhile the Grace Road Church has a reputation for being controversial with the Korean Presbyterian Church defining it as a cult in 2015.

And this isn’t the first time Ok-ju has been embroiled in controversy, in December of 2014, a $6 million lawsuit was filed against her in New York where a branch of the church is located.

The pastor was accused in the lawsuit by a mentally ill man who claimed that she deprived him of his medication as she tried to cure him with prayers.

According to the New York Daily News, he alleged that he was bound with duct tape which cut off the blood flow to his right leg which had to be amputated.

Questions sent to the Grace Road Group here in Fiji remain unanswered.