Government increases apprentice pay

March 6, 2024 11:03 am

Minister for Employment Agni Deo Singh

Minister for Employment Agni Deo Singh reveals that the government will be implementing a substantial increase in apprentice wages.

According to Singh, the government will increase the hourly wage for apprentices from the existing $2.90 by adding another $2.98, making the total salary of $4.98 per hour.

The Minister highlights that this initiative aims to enhance training programs for apprentices, providing them with a more sustainable income during their on-the-job training.

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“So under the scheme for this year, we have provided spaces, and the apprentice will earn $4.90 an hour right from the beginning as they go through that on-the-job training. What we have done, the $2.90 that is the current rate, government is topping up by another $200. So it becomes $4.99. I think the exact amount is $4.98. It’s $298. And so it’s just like $5. So that is what they are going to earn.”

Singh further says that the government will provide 400 spaces for apprentice training, and out of that, 270 have already been taken up.

Singh is encouraging employers to take advantage of this initiative and invest in the development of their workforce.

Singh is adamant that the increase in apprentice wages is part of the government’s broader efforts to support skill development and create a more robust workforce.