Funds pumped into South Seas Club for transformation

February 22, 2024 12:50 pm

In a bold initiative to revitalize its image and embrace a more inclusive atmosphere, the South Seas Club, a longstanding establishment since 1963, is undergoing a transformative upgrade.

Chair of the Board of Trustees Jan Mohammed says so far, they have invested $50,000 as they are committed to refurbishing facilities and fostering a welcoming environment for families and patrons of all ages.

Mohammed says they are determined to change the perception of the club and usher in a new era of community engagement and family-oriented activities.

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He says the infusion of funds will predominantly focus on enhancing the pool facilities, sports facilities and changing the furniture.

“You know, in Lautoka, there is no venue at this point where people can bring families to relax and, you know, with the pool facility and sports facilities and a children’s park. So, our objective is to provide that facility. And, I mean, we have the best location in Lautoka, right on the waterfront.”

According to Mohammed beyond the physical renovations, the board plans to allocate an additional $20,000 towards further enhancements aimed at rejuvenating the club’s ambience.

He adds the upgrades seek to create an inviting space where families can unwind and create lasting memories and additionally, part of the investment will be allocated to bolster security measures, ensuring the well-being of all patrons.