Focus on resilient recovery for sustainable growth

July 2, 2022 12:40 pm

[File Photo]

Tourism Minister Faiyaz Koya says they are working towards building a resilient recovery which puts Fiji on the path to long-term sustainable growth.

Koya says the ocean is an integral part of Fiji’s culture, livelihoods, and economy.

He highlighted this through a video at a side event in Lisbon, Portugal Tourism Ocean Action.

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Koya says the tourism industry in most of the developing island states also depends on the ocean.

“The dive instructor relies on tourists, the fishermen that supply hotels rely on tourists, and the inter-island cruise company relies on tourists. As the demand for our ocean resource grows, so does the risk of them depleting. This means every decision we make needs to consider our present and future challenges.”

He adds they want to reopen as a tourist destination that is clean, green and resilient.

“By protecting the ecosystem, from our reefs to our forests we can maintain our pristine destinations and continue to reap the benefits tourism brings.”

He adds their entire development agenda is based on the principal of sustainability.