FNA urges government action

April 21, 2024 7:54 am

[File Photo]

Since COVID-19, nurses have never returned to normal eight-hour shifts.

This has been highlighted by the Fiji Nursing Association President, Dr Adi Alisi Vudiniabola, at their 65th Annual General Meeting.

Vudiniabola says that no one ever listens despite FNA’s call to the government to look after their nurses working those long shifts.

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“The FNA now calls on government to stop this 12 hour shifts immediately if they are not able to meet the prerequisites for this lengthy shifts for our nurses, and allow our members have quality time with their families.”

She adds that workers are often called in on their day off due to staff shortages, and when they claim overtime pay, they must justify their hours.

“It is no wonder our nurses are leave for better work environments. Nurses leave because of bad leadership. They will continue to leave if we do not look after them.”

FNA has called on the government to value, protect, respect and invest in their nurses for a sustainable future for nursing and healthcare.

FBC has sent questions to the Health Minister for his response.